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For those of you that aren't in the Fort Myers FNB listserve, here's a letter Chris wrote detailing a couple current issues that need addressing.

Hey everyone,

Since the last update, the number of people coming to share meals with
us has grown. It has been stated by some that are picnics are
attracting as many people as some big city FNB's do. That is great,
and people who are hungry have been appreciative. They all seem to
like us, and more importantly, trust us. We have been told that like
our food better than any of the soup kitchens and church servings. One
man even stated that our food "is so much better than the Salvation
Army. They just throw a buncha stuff in a pot. That stuff will kill a
person. Your food tastes so much better and it's healthy".

In the community we are going great, but logistically we are not. We
do not have enough food resources to keep up with the amount of people
that are sharing meals. We need new donations. We need dumpster dives.
Now it is at the point of utmost importance that we get new food

I have spoken with Wake UP America where the Salvation Army and
churches get their food. To receive anything, we would have to have a
nonprofit tax id from the IRS. How does everyone feel about that?

On a happier note, we have an awesome banner that was made by Jesse!
It is hot pink and has the logo on it and says in big letters "Food
Not Bombs". Underneath that it says "Food is a right, not a
privilege". It is so bright it cannot be missed!


First of all. Way to fucking go for everyone involved! We're doing well!
I haven't been able to show up to the servings at all recently until yesterday due to work and I'll have to say that I was quite impressed by the turnout. It was comparable to FNB in much larger cities I've visited.

Now as it is, I'm extremely wary of anything that requires the use of any sort of registry, especially if it's a federal one. This, however, may have to be an option if in fact we can't come up with the food needed to accomodate 20 - 30 people. Now remember, buying food is out of the question. The idea behind Food Not Bombs is that we reclaim food that would normally go to waste, and consumerism is essentially the antithesis of that. That being said, do any of you know where we could find satisfactory quantities of vegan/vegetarian food that we'd be able to collect? I know of a few dumpsters in Cape Coral and have a hunch about a couple in Fort Myers (At least they used to be there). If anyone would be willing to come out during the day on a Thursday or Friday or would be able to come out between 11:30pm and 2:00 am on any other day, I've got a van that seats 8. We can go out and look for food then.

On another note, it's summer, and yesterday I've had a chance to speak with some of the guys in the park yesterday. They're always going to need the general necessities, but if you can find any of the following, it will help a lot.

1) Bugspray. Sleeping outside sucks when you're being eaten alive.

2) Cheap little umbrellas. In FL, summer = rain.

3) Garbage bags. It really is amazing how a couple garbage bags can keep you dry when you're camping out in the rain.

I don't know if I've forgotten anything, but any input would be greatly appreciated.



otters from melborn
cheer up! from orlando
sonofabitchmustpay new local hc
ryan lay acoustic a good man with good tunes
we'll dance etc local screamy ghost boys

its only three dollars and well worth it
come out and show your support!

Hey everyone, I decided to create this community as a good way for everyone to correspond a little better as an addition to the listserve and everything.

As a first order of business, I was thinking about the ideology that Food Not Bombs tries to uphold, and in order to make this a bit more autonomous, I want to know what peopple think about allowing everyone who joins the community to be granted maintainer priveleges after being involved for "x" amount of time. What do people think?


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